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mba degree program types

MBA (Master of Business Administration) is one of the most sought after Masters Degree program among students all around the world. Unlike in the past, where there were very limited types of MBA programs, today there are multiple types of MBA programs catering to the needs and interests of MBA aspirants.  Each of the types has different attributes. MBA aspirants have a choice to pursue any of these types on the basis of their needs, career objectives and prior work experience.


Types of MBA Programs


Full-time MBA

Full-time MBA program is one of the most preferred choices of aspirants. The full-time MBA program caters to fresh young graduates and prepares them for the corporate world. It covers a wide range of areas and topics along with a mandatory two month summer internship that helps students to gain a first-hand understanding of the real business world. If you want to start a career in the management field across different sectors like marketing, HR, finance, international business, etc., or looking to switch your industry/change your career path, this type of MBA program is the best suited for your career objectives.

▪ Length: 2 years
▪ Schedule: Classes are held on weekdays on regular basis
▪ Work experience requirement: No prior work experience required. Selection of the candidates is based on the entrance test scores, academic scores and performance in GD/PI.

One-Year Full-time MBA program

This type of MBA program is aimed at students with prior work experience.  This type of MBA program is common in Europe, and now many b-schools in India offer this type of MBA program. In this MBA format, candidates have extensive studiesand intensive class schedule. There is too much to do in less time and the prior work experience helps in understanding and handling the task. These types of program consist of professionals from diverse functional areas, roles and industries, and everyone brings in some unique business concept to the table, thus enhancing the quality of learning experience. So, if you are looking to stay in the same industry/sector and want to deepen your skills and knowledge in order to climb up to the higher grade or want to accelerate your career in brief time, One-Year Full-time MBA is best suited for you. Indian B-schools that offer one-year MBA are SPJIMR, ISB, GLIM, and SOIL.

▪ Length: 11 months
▪ Schedule: Full-time; No internship
▪ Work experience requirement: A minimum of 3-5years work experience is required and selection of the candidate is based on the overall profile that includes track record, quality of work experience, skills and potential.

Executive MBA Program

This type of MBA program is aimed at mid-career working professionals holding a considerable amount of professional experience under their belt and want to deepen their managerial and leadership skills and abilities, gain global management experience, take their career to the next level, and meet the industry standards.  The major advantage of this type of MBA is Employer sponsorship, i.e. you have the support of your employer financially. Under this program, the candidates can work full-time, while pursuing their MBA degree.

▪ Length: 1 year
▪ Schedule: Flexible class schedule; Can be part-time, weekend, evening or online
▪ Work experience requirement: 7-10 years of work experience is required. Selection of the candidate is based on significant professional accomplishments, professional experience and personal interview.

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Part-time MBA Program

This type of MBA program is tailored for working professionals who want to take up MBA while being employed. There is a continuous influx of income without having to take a break from work. It is cost effective and demands comparatively less time.

▪ Length: 3 years or more
▪ Class Schedule: Flexible class schedule; classes are generally held on weekends or weekdays post working hours
▪ Work experience requirement: 2-4 years professional experience
Distance/Correspondence MBA program

This type of MBA program is aimed at students who have limited resources, time and cannot be physically present to attend the MBA program on campus. Study material is available via postal mail. You can complete this type of MBA program from the comfort of your place.  You can take the exams online via the university website, mail or at a local test center. The fee for this type of MBA program is much less as compared to regular or part-time MBA programs. Some of the leading universities in India offer this type of MBA program, like Symbiosis Center for Distance Learning, IMT, NMIMS, IGNOU, ICFAI, Amity, etc.

▪ Length: 2 years
▪ Class Schedule: Flexible
▪ Work experience requirement: Preferred, but no mandatory

Online MBA program

This type of MBA program is referred as “Anywhere-Anytime Virtual Learning”.  It is a blend of Distance MBA and Part Time MBA, but the course delivery is entirely Online.  This type of MBA allows students to interact with their professors and classmates virtually. The study material and lessons are provided by live video conferencing or pre-recorded videos or non-interactive broadcast videos. The candidates just need to have a strong internet connection.

▪ Length: 1-2 years
▪ Class Schedule: Flexible
▪ Work experience requirement: Preferred, but no mandatory

Dual MBA program

This type of MBA program clubs MBA with another master’s degree, like MS, MFA, etc. The program is structured in a way that the general subjects are studied along with specialized courses that are specific to a sector/industry. The highlight of this program is that it is generally offered by two universities in collaboration- one the local university and the other is the international university. Students are given an international exposure.

▪ Length: 2 years
▪ Class Schedule: Full-time; Classes are held on weekdays
▪ Work experience requirement: A few years of industry experience is an added advantage.

Whichever type of MBA program you choose, it must be a perfect fit to your needs and career goals!

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