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A short time ago, pursuing MBA was considered a luxury inevitable to be and had only for the privileged sections of the society. In old days, one would hear of only a few students making it to the top B Schools in India. Despite possessing talent and good academic records students could not go MBA because of the financial limitations. Today, the scenario has changed. Hordes of students from India go to pursue MBA from top B-Schools. Even Students from moderate and not so well to do families are going to distant locations for pursuing higher education.

Before applying for any MBA college in India, it is best to check the sources of funds available for your fulfillment of study in B-School dream.


Personal savings:


MBA in india finance

This is a very first option that a student thinks to fund his MBA. Is this a really good option? If a student plans to use his parent’s life time savings to pursue MBA, then probably he should rethink of this option. As this saving would earn more interest on hard cash they have in form of FDs or other saving. Education loan for MBA can be double benefactor for student.


Education Loan:


Education LoanThe dreams of getting an MBA degree are being fulfilled by young people largely because of the financial help provided by educational loan lenders.

Education loans are the loans approved to students to meet up the costs of a professional degree like MBA. The education loan has benefits more than using personal savings.


• A student can chose to get admission in the dream University. Many Indian students give up their dream of getting admission in top-notch B-school just due lack of funds.

• Loan before admission is offered by some private lending institutions.

• Loans make students adapt to increasing financial needs in education sector.

• There is an easy cash flow available to students while studying.

• Education Loan can be good source of income tax saver under section 80-E of IT Act. Huge Tax Benefits to student or co-borrower. It goes upto 100% benefits on interest paid amount.


Looking to above options, a student definitely can benefit by pursuing MBA on EMI.




Intelligent and bright students with excellent marks in the subject they desire to proceed further can apply for scholarships and grants. Many reputed Indian trusts, companies and individuals provide scholarships to deserving candidates in India. Most of the times in scholarships, student needs to match up to the given requirements for a scholarship which makes it difficult. It’s suggested to study in detail about particular scholarship you are willing to apply for.


Save on Expenses


Save on ExpensesBesides making efforts to secure financial aid and scholarships, students can also add to their savings for MBA education by splurging less on unnecessary stuff. Cutting down on unwanted expenses at home and making a few sacrifices in terms of luxury goods will only add to the savings required to grab the MBA program. Every penny saved will take a student closer to their dream of getting an MBA degree in India.


Instead of this, a student gets easy Education Loan and is relaxed on funding his MBA on EMI. If there is increase in cost of education, a student can easily top up his loan any time while studying.


Students aspiring to get access to their desired educational loan package from lending institutes only need to follow a few simple steps. Filling out the educational application loan form is the first step towards getting financial assistance from lending organizations. Online forms are made available for the convenience of students. Mr. Jain, undertaking Master’s Degree from a reputed college, says “The easy repayment methods for higher education loans as devised by lending institutions have also made educational loan borrowing a feasible option for students from middle-class and lower class families.”


Lending organizations are strengthening their online presence, thereby making it easy for educational loan borrowers to approach them. Documentation process and eligibility criteria are also simplified by banks and higher education loan providers to help Indian students fulfill their dream of getting a MBA degree.


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    • Loan before admission is offered by some private lending institutions.
    • Loans make students adapt to increasing financial needs in education sector.
    • There is an easy cash flow available to students while studying.

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