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Part-time MBA program degree

MBA known as one of the most sought after professional degree program is now available in various flexible study patterns like full-time MBA, distance MBA, online MBA, executive MBA and Part-time MBA. This degree program is believed to be sure shot way to climb the success ladder of a lucrative career. Many students want to earn this degree for value addition to their resume. Working professionals too want to join this course without sacrificing their ongoing job. For them striking a balance between work and study is important.

Part-time MBA program degree is offered by several B-schools and many universities. Both benefits and drawbacks are associated with part-time MBA course, depending upon the choice of the MBA aspirant and their suitability. With the advent of technology, now it is possible for students to complete part-time MBA in a structured manner. They can easily access the course material, attend virtual classroom and even solve their doubts through online chat. Here students can avail these benefits by logging into their account given by the B-school or university. Just by entering their username and password they can access the course from anywhere in the world at any time. However there are some prominent benefits and drawbacks of Part-time MBA program degree. They are as follows:
Benefits of Part-time MBA:

• Compared to full-time MBA, most of the part-time MBA needs lesser course credits.

• Generally the classes for part-time MBA are scheduled after the normal business hours. That makes easy for the working professionals to attend it and study.

• Part-time MBA program degree fees is much lesser than full-time MBA, thus causes lesser financial strain.

• The MBA aspirants can expect to get tuition reimbursement by employers, as many companies favor such study programs.

• Here the students have the advantage to apply what they learn to their immediate job.

• Part-time MBA courses schedules programs all year round.

• Students who are finding it difficult to get admission in a 2 year full-time MBA program can get admission in a good B-school for part-time MBA.

Drawbacks of Part-time MBA:

• Part-time MBA may require lesser class hours every week, but they might take 2-5 years to complete the course.

• When compared to full-time MBA, Part-time MBA has lesser course selection.

• Every B-school do not offer part-time MBA program, thus you might have to sacrifice school of your choice if they do not provide it.

• It is not mandatory that the credits earned through part-time MBA program gets transferred to any other programs.

• This type of MBA study hardly offers study abroad choice.

• Sometimes working while studying MBA can be exhaustive, as the students may take more than 2 years to complete the course.

This post represents both benefits and drawbacks of part-time MBA program degree, thus it is up to you which type of MBA is viable. Consider objective facts before arriving at the decision and evaluate your priorities and career goals.

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